Footage Upscaling & Colourisation

We work with partners to upscale and/or colourise your footage content to improve file quality and licensing potential.

Bridgeman Images collaborates with high quality, cost effective partners that can serve all of your upscaling footage needs. Highly trained technicians combined with intuitive AI software can increase visual quality from SD to HD, as well as HD to 4K. The software can also scan the original source material to improve the final image results, removing artefacts associated with analogue media, including flickering.

Enhancing the quality of your footage allows for a more professional, polished and confident viewing experience and licensing potential.

If you are interested in our video upscaling services, contact us for more information on individual or bulk pricing and turnaround times.

SD to HD Upscaling Example

Colourising your black and white archival footage

Bridgeman Images also partners with colorization technicians that give true to life, representative colour to archival black and white footage. Colourisation opens the door to different licensing opportunities, breathing new life and potential into the history that is taking place on screen. Technicians also work with AI video cleaning, frame interpolation and upscaling software to help craft cleaner results.

Using an open-source AI-colorization technique, our partners restore early footage to add colour and relatability, seeing things through a modern perspective.

Contact us for more information if you are interested in single or bulk colorisation quotes.


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