Legacy Planning

Our aim is to ensure that everything possible is done to maximise the potential of the artist's work both now and for the future.

Legacy Planning is fundamental for all artists and can be a minefield to navigate. Planning a legacy requires inspiration, creativity, persistence and determination. But it also requires specialist skills and knowledge that some artists may not possess. We offer advice from key partners in legacy planning.

We know that artists want to concentrate on their work and do not want to spend precious studio time on paperwork. Bridgeman Images minimises the time artists have to spend by streamlining the legacy planning for them. We work with a number of professional advisors who can advise on the following legacy planning services:

  • Managing intellectual property rights and resale rights
  • Catalogue raisonn√©s and publications
  • Writing a Will
  • Employing studio assistants and managers
  • Inventory management and archiving
  • Relationships with galleries and museums
  • Conservation
  • Valuation
  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Managing reputation
  • Insurance
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